Hikvision EasyIP 3.0

Regal Distributors SA introduces the new EasyIP 3.0 product range from Hikvision, This new generation of camera boasts a remarkably innovative encoding technology known as H.265+ exclusively designed and developed by Hikvision. The intelligence of this in-house algorithm is optimized to enhance typical features found in standard surveillance cameras. H.265+ substantially decreases the bitrate of the surveillance video resulting in reduce bandwidth and storage costs. Surveillance video files sizes are decreased by as much as 65% when compared with regular H.265. The EasyIP 3.0 range offers full flexibility with 2, 3 and 5 megapixel cameras in the product range and opens up the possibility of using 8MP or Ultra-HD in video surveillance. This new generation of products has gotten much smarter too as they provide more analytical functions than its previous generation EasyIP 2.0 and still carry many standard VCA options on-board. Enquire about EasyIP 3.0 at your nearest Regal branch.

For further details and information please contact Regal Distributors, +27 (0) 87 802 3800 or email hikvision@regalsecurity.co.za