Security Terminology

Alarm System

Alarm System Alarm System (also called burglar alarm or intruder alarm). Equipment and /or devices designed to detect an unauthorised intrusion, or burglary, or person breaking into domestic, commercial or industrial premises. The system may be connected to a...

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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras CCTV Cameras is a imaging device that consist of numerous components. The basic camera will consist of a lens, CCD, Possessor and casing. Go to Category...

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CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems CCTV System (Closed Circuit Television System) is a combination of components to get a working system. The typical system would consist of a camera and a recorder. Go to Category...

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Alarm Panels

Alarm Panels An Alarm Panel or control panel is the equipment controlling the signalling and detection devices, (sensors or detectors) that form a complete alarm system. The signalling and detection devices connect to the alarm inputs and outputs. Inputs, referred to...

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DVR A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a consumer electronic device that records video footage in a digital format onto a hard drive or mass storage device. This system can record from up to 16 surveillance cameras, at once, onto a hard disk. DVR technology is the...

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DVR Card Systems

DVR Card Systems DVR Card Systems is a PC based recording devise that consist of all the basic PC hardware and software with a operating system with added hardware like the Video compression card and the video management software. Go to Category...

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DVR Recorders

DVR Recorders DVR Recorders is an embedded recording devise normally utilized for standalone systems. The system consist of a Video compression card, some hard drives and a mother board with build in software. No operating system is present in these units. Go to...

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CCTV Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a television system in which signals are not publicly distributed; cameras are connected to television monitors in a limited area such as a store, an office building, or on a college campus. CCTV is commonly used in...

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Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic Locks An Electromagnetic Lock is a lock activated by providing an electric current to an internal coil that then is energized and thus magnetized only when the power is provided to the lock. The lock face is rectangular in shape which then ‘connects’...

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Swing Gate Motors

Swing Gate Motors Swing Gate Motors come in two main designs. One swing gate motor type consist of submerged motor boxes that link to each leaf of a swing gate by two piece arms. The rotation of the motor causes the arms to either pull or push the gate leaf open or...

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Sliding Gate Motors

Sliding Gate Motors Sliding Gate Motors are connected to sliding gates via a pinion or gear that interlinks to a toothed rack secured to the gate. As the gearbox driven pinion gear turns either to the left or to the right, so the gate opens or closes depending on the...

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Outdoor Beams

Outdoor Beams Outdoor Beams are passive devices that act as motion sensors. They let out a laser beam that detects when motion passes through it. When this occurs, a signal is sent to the alarm panel and the alarm is activated. Therefore letting the owner know that...

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IP Cameras

IP Cameras An IP camera (Internet protocol camera) is a video camera used mainly for surveillance. It can send and receive data via a network and via the Internet. An IP camera is closely compared to a webcam but usually used for surveillance; there are two kinds of...

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Gate Motors

Gate Motors A Gate Motor is a device used to open and close sliding and swing gates via remote control. Gate motors have an internal electric motor which is powered by either AC or DC current supplied by either 220VAC mains power or by 12 or 24VDC battery backup power...

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Energizers An electric fence Energizer is a device that provides a safe but effective shock via a pulsed high voltage current to the electric fence wires. The energizer can be powered by either 220VAC mains power or 12VDC battery backup power. The energizer is...

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