Wisnetworks WISCloud Enterprise WIFI solution

WISCloud is an innovative series of products allowing an unlimited number of WISCloud Access Points to be configured, monitored and upgraded from a single WISCloud Controller. This is done via an easy to use Web interface, making for efficient management of an entire WIFI network from a single web interface.

Ideal for hotels, offices, shopping centres, school campuses and any WIFI network that requires multiple Access Points.

The WISCloud controller offers many feature including the likes of: Real time status of all Access Points; load balancing; 8 SSID’s; Guest Access; and a Map function which shows Access Points locations, status and user loads.

This innovative product range consists of a WISCloud Controller (NW127) and three indoor ceiling mount Access points as follows: dual band(NW250); hi-power (NW251); and standard (NW252) models.

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